When are the fees due?  When you register your player.  You will be asked to pay by credit or debit card.

When & where are player evaluations?  Saturday 3/16 at the Old Allegany High School Gym. See evaluation page for more details.

What should I bring to evaluations?  The only item necessary is a glove.  A bat and Helmet are optional.

When does the season begin and end?  The season usually begins the first weekend in May and runs through the third to fourth week of June.  

Allegany Little League does not have enough teams to conduct it’s own league.  We are now dependent on playing teams from other communities and that schedule has not been created yet.  Practice will depend on the coaches but as a general rule,  you should plan two to three evenings per week.  Some Leagues do not like to play on Saturdays and reserve this day for rainout makeup days.  Sorry we could not be more specific at this time.

What equipment needs to be purchased? Is any provided?  Each player will need to provide their own glove and footwear.

If a male player wants to be a catcher,  an athletic supporter with a hard cup is mandatory.   It is highly recommended for all players to wear one.  

Little league provides bats, balls, helmets,  jerseys, hats, and catchers equipment.

All the other equipment is optional for each player.

What clothing needs to be purchased? Is any provided?

Most players will purchase a pair of baseball pants.   The most common color for this is the light gray.

What else should players have?  Players should bring their own beverages to games and practice.  There is a beverage machine at the Stayer Park in Allegany but we don’t know what other locations will have.

Also, no decision has been made regarding if we will be opening our concession stand.

COVID Protocols
With the constantly changing State and Local regulations and mandates, Allegany Little League will use whatever these are at the time.
Updated 2/13/22

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